Professional Wedding Book are available in both Fine Art Book and Traditional Book versions, and represent a contemporary, stylish solution that really stands out.

Autore, Anima, Ambra, Impronta, Impronta color, Inciso: choose the one that best suits your taste and create a tailor-made album that reflects your personality.

Here is a collection designed as Art Books, full of emotions, and characterized by their unique attention to detail. A real passport to modernity that comes in six versions, each defined by a different finish on the cover.

A desire as old as humankind itself; is to leave a footprint on the world. The crafted work required to create our albums is somehow a way of trying to achieve this.

Doing things with a lot of love isn’t enough, making a difference is required, because only differences leave a lasting effect on our memories!

We found ourselves on the pathway of traditional techniques; binding, cutting, printing – and combined them with some of the newer creative opportunities.

We don’t want to be forgotten! We want our work to generate unexpected looks, raise eyebrows and get a surprised reaction that reveals its “value”.

Choose Your Style

The Professional Wedding Book come in two versions: Fine Art Book – with 2 different printer papers – and Traditional Book – with 5 different Materica papers’ colors – to chose as a window through which you can show your photographs.

Make your choice between 4 sizes: two square formats (30×30 and 35×35) and two landscape formats (35×25 and 40×30). Pick the one that meets the best your needs and tastes.

Go for one of the 4 Packaging: from the lightweight and versatile Ecobag, the One Box, through to the precious Flip or the elegant Snug.

  • Formats: 30×30 – 35×35 | 35×25 – 40×30
  • Covers’ materials: Ecoleather, Matt Canvas, Duo Canvas, Bright Canvas, Linen
  • Packaging: Flip, Snug, One Box, Light Box

“If a personality fascinates me, whatever mode of expression that personality selects is absolutely delightful to me.”

Album per matrimonio con copertina stampata e dorso in tela

A Professional Wedding Book with a printed, laminated cover, and a Canvas-coated spine.

What distinguishes Autore is the fact you can customise the cover with a picture or a graphic you’ve created yourself.

The range of colours for the Album’s spine is huge: you can use all of the colours and weaves for the Matt, Duo and Bright Canvas ranges, to produce something that clearly represents your own unique Lifestyle.

Covers Colors

“Because they’re million miles away, but they’re also here in your picture frames (listen to what I’m saying)… ”

Album wedding formato quadrato in lino con inserto fotografico

Through an aperture, a picture acquires a new dimension, as if it has split off from reality to acquire some kind of an extraordinary ideal flutter!

Available in Eco-Leather or Linen, Anima’s main feature is the framed shape on its cover, into which you can put a picture.

Covers' Colors

“Time was frozen, still, a flapping wing trapped inside a drop of amber.”

Album per matrimonio rivestito in tela con inserto fotografico ricoperto di resina

The insert in the cover (the ‘Charm’) becomes the triggering element by emphasising the special and unique link between people, their emotions, a memory and the silence, encapsulated in the time it takes a shutter to open and close.

In this Professional Wedding Book, the picture on the cover is treated using a crystallisation process, the “Charm” thus created is then added to the notch at the centre of the cover.

Colors Covers

“Now and forever, in an antique gesture, our names appeared on the skin and before our eyes.

And beyond the eyes of the world, beyond our presence, they will travel through space and time.

Album per matrimonio rivestito in tela con debossing testo in copertina

Impronta holds the secrets of the ancient Debossing technique. Small brass blocks incised with letter shapes are manually aligned to form a name. Just like it was with movable type printing press technology, the letters of the text are composed mirror written and reversed.

The heat and pressure exerted by the matrix take care of the rest. The imprint is made at the centre of the cover without any color transfer, which is why it is called Dry Debossing.

This embellishment is used to obtain a sober and elegant result.

Covers' Colors
Impronta Color

“What was important was the golden footprint, the magic footprint she had left on his life and no one could ever remove.”

Album wedding in tela effetto seta con debossing testo

A space where text, images, pressings, inks, typographical characters and layers beautify themselves through touch, sight and smell to continuously take you somewhere else, some place with an indelible memory.

Like Impronta, Impronta Color also holds the secrets of the ancient debossing technique and results from an entirely manual process. For this version, the debossing isn’t dry, but with the warm pressure we obtain a color transfer on the text. This process is known as Debossing with Foil.

The perfect choice if your looking for an elegant and underlined result.

Colors Covers

“You showed up at my door in a red dress to tell me you are fire that consumes and lights.”

Inciso offers numerous options for customisations.

The Cover can be engraved with any font, one of our Inciso Icons or your own visual elements. The result will always have the quality and accuracy that this technology provides.

Laser engraving is not only appreciated for its versatility but also and most importantly, its ability to create a clean, precise cut and subtle, stylish details.

It allows an extremely precise reproduction, even with extremely complex details.

Colors' Covers