Confidentiality is very important to Artphoto Evaluna. Therefore, within our company, we are deeply committed to protect the images that our customers entrust to us.

We know very well the value of privacy. The importance that our customers place in seeing their photos treated with the right amount of attention requires us to always be attentive within our workflow.

The photos we receive for our Handmade Albums are emotions and feelings for which we have the greatest respect.

In our almost 20 years of business, we have made albums for famous political figures, managers, sports stars and renowned artists, but we do not dedicate this level of attention only to them. In fact, we also owe it to those who seek to safeguard the intimacy of their wedding day, parents (including parents-to-be) who seek more and more to create a wonderful Portrait Book and are concerned about the handling of their children’s photos.

We share precise standards of conduct with our Team that we have never failed to respect – we greatly value both our customers and our reputation.

  • Unless given explicit authorisation, Artphoto Evaluna does not duplicate, print, distribute or publish any of its customers’ photographic material. The work we carry out is strictly private and confidential.
  • The samples we make with the pictures of our customers have been authorized and approved. Each of these bears the printed name of the image’s owner.
  • The photos in our Handmade Albums are handled only by people directly involved in the production workflow. No one else is authorized to access them.
  • Once we have delivered the product and the customer has had sufficient time to check it, the files are deleted from our server.
  • Any products deemed defective are properly cut into pieces before being disposed of.
  • We apply even more restrictive privacy rules to the creation of our Boudoir Photo Books: only female employees are authorized to work on them from start to finish.

Artphoto Evaluna undertakes any and every measure necessary to properly manage the files received, but we encourage anyone with specific requests for confidentiality to contact us, and we will be happy to assess them and share them with our staff.