Creating a Boudoir Book means framing the scent of your skin and emotions without inhibitions, with the ease and happiness of self-discovery.

Romance, intimacy, eroticism: it represents woman in her most personal and hidden uniqueness, to disclose through the forms the soul’s suggestions.

It’s meant for the self, for self-knowing, for self-discovery, but also for the person you love, for someone you had the fortune to meet. For the special person who shares your life, or someone who has to go away and wants to take you with him.

After all, it’s very important for a woman to feel attractive, desired, for herself as well as by her partner, searching for her own feminity through the creation of a refined, intimate and special fine art printed Boudoir Photobook.


“Sensuality is the permanent possibility of rescuing the world from the captivity of its insignificance. “

This Boudoir Book holds the secrets of an ancient technique called Debossing.

Small brass blocks engraved with the shapes of letters are manually aligned to compose a name. Just like it was with movable type printing press technology, the letters of the text are composed mirror written and reversed. The heat and pressure exerted by the matrix take care of the rest.

The impression is made in the centre of the cover without any color transfer, which is why it is called Dry Debossing

If you’re looking for a sober and elegant result, that’s the right choice for you!

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Senso Color

“In the deepness of that scar on naked flesh, here you meet the soul – what colour is it?”

In Senso Color, the Debossing is no longer performed Dry but instead, by using a hot pressure technique, we also get a transfer of colour on the text.

This procedure is called “Foil Debossing”: the pigment is a foil colour, like a coloured wax, which is only activated at very high temperatures and represents the perfect choice when you’re looking for a Boudoir Book with an elegant and highly accentuated effect.

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