Create your own Luxury Box with Fine Art Prints to preserve, display and collect your images.

100% Cotton Paper Fine Art Prints, refined solutions made to last over time, a stylish collection of handcrafted boxes of great prestige covered in fabric, light boxes and flexible packages for every need with an exclusive and contemporary Italian design.

“Everybody needs his memories.
They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.

Essenza Leaf

“The past beats inside me like a second heart.”

We collect memories as leaves, we celebrate the nature that transforms colors and shapes, substances and fragrances, presences and absences.

The Leaf is a Fine Art Printing project designed exclusively for the Archival Collection and in Essenza Leaf better express its streamlined elegance with a beautiful “soul” that gives body and substance like the vein patterns of the leaf.

The final result was amazing: an unrivalled feel to the touch, an increased final thickness (1 mm) that makes browsing through every single image more pleasing and a cotton paper doubled rendering the use of passe-partout completely unnecessary. 

Special feature of Essenza Leaf is the Luxury Box made from BauBuche beech wood: the laser incision on the cover let you free to customize this exclusive piece of authentic Italian design.



We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are. I’m no different…Now, where was I?

“The world doesn’t just disappear when you close your eyes, does it?”, memories are etched on our mind, but if I own a Luxury Box it will be easier, the most important moments in my life will be safe and sound!

Memento is not just a box of memories, is a living space that we can keep on hand.
Choose the fabric to cover it, which size and how many high-quality Leaf you want in it…

Our 100% Cotton Paper are Acid free and Chlorine Free to ensure proper preservation and durability.


Footfalls echo in the memory down the passage which we did not take
towards the door we never opened…

Fervet opus! An intense work, lovely details, a blend of design, technology and craftmanship. 

A luxury box to preserve the past within us, to welcome the future with enthusiasm and passion, to keep safe your world.

Fabric-lined box, original customizable cover, available both in the Square and Rectangular format. A very wide range of Canvas and Linen colors and finishes, amazing combination for the two-colored version, different colors ribbons and foil perfectly matching with the chosen material.

Opus also includes packages with variable quantity of 100% Cotton Paper Fine Art Prints or Leaf, the even more valuable version with the same prints mounted on a cotton paper cardboard. Leaf come with a thickness of 1mm and look like a real passe-partout, perfect to best protect the prints while browsing.

Our 100% Cotton Paper are Acid free and Chlorine Free to ensure proper preservation and durability.


Essential Design made of clean and linear geometry.

Even the most fleeting moment of life deserves to be carefully preserved and Portfolio is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a light and discrete item for printing your most cherished memories.

Made of lightweight and versatile polypropylene, this box is extremely resistant to oxidizing agents and slightly suggests its content. The ideal choice for those who are looking for a sober though perfect container to protect any type of Fine Art Prints.
Portfolio is available with classic 100% Cotton Paper Fine Art Prints or with our LEAF, our exclusive creation for the Archival Collection.

The exterior of the box is finished with an original, decorative elastic band.

PORTFOLIO, the perfect choice to hold tight your memories and don’t let them run away from you.

Rewind The Happiness

“I feel safe in the box of my ego.
The edges match perfectly, a little click and the lock pops.
That’s good. I’m inside my normal shelter.”

The “Rewind the Happiness” box is almost a sculpture, a minimalist design with a warm heart. An entire piece of chestnut wood that’s been drilled out to create the perfect place for a 100% Cotton Paper Fine Art Prints collection.
The bottom of the box is provided with a slot for the USB key (not included) or any other little item, the cover is customizable with a laser engraving.

Rewind the Happiness is a quality choice, intimate, essential, emotional, a refined solution as gifts for any occasion.

Print Box

In a small empty box, where matter, light and space blend gently together,
I put nothing but photos, pictures of me living and dreaming.

The Print Box is an elegant solution for your Fine Art Prints.

Light, versatile and modern, it fits in perfectly with the warm and sophisticated Fine Art papers that combined with it completely.
Made of polypropylene (PPL) is available in two formats with different packages of prints, all 100% Cotton Paper. The exterior of the box is finished with an original, decorative elastic band.

Collect Print Box, print your memories because every man’s memory is his private literature.