Fine Art Prints and Products for Wall decoration: an ideal solution for home, museums and galleries.

They are available in standard and personalized formats.

Fine Art Print: to display, frame, decorate!

To guarantee a high-quality, prestige product dedicated to professional photographers, artists and those in the visual arts, we print using Fine Art technology on the best 100% Cotton papers, Cellulose Fibre and Canvas surfaces.

The creations of particular profiles and the linearization of any single media are accurately performed within the company and checked regularly to ensure the best quality and print stability.

Portfolio di stampe in Fine Art
  • Four paper types (two in cellulose fibers and two 100% Cotton).
  • Any format is possible (the shortest side must measure less than 110 cm).
  • For formats that aren’t referred to in the pricing list, the price is the cost of the format directly above it.
  • All prints of all sizes will be delivered cut to measurements and divided by size.
Prints on Panel

Our homes, offices, the spaces of our everyday-life should tell the story of who we are and contain all the things we love. This is one of the best selling products for the Wall Decoration. The non-deformable Triplete Panel offers fantastic stability and is perfect for any display requirements.

Stampa in Fine Art montata su pannello spessore 1cm con bordatura bianca
  • Made of a layer of extruded white polystyrene compressed between two plates of white synthetical material with a final thickness of 1 cm.
  • Three types of paper (two in cellulose fibers and one 100% cotton).
  • Any format is possible as the short side measures less than 110 cm.
  • For formats other than those in the price list, refer to the cost of the format on size bigger.
  • The border is available in black or white.
  • Hooks are available on request for hanging the panel on a wall.

Our 100% Cotton Acid- and Chlorine-free Passepartout are a refined solution to store or exhibit your own Fine Art Prints, to decorate private and public spaces, or even for Museums’ and Art Galleries’ exhibitions.

Passe-partout con taglio a 45° a foro multiplo con stampe in fine art
  • Our Passepartout have a depth of 1.8 mm and are available in standard and personalized formats.
  • They also can be made with One Hole or Multiple Holes.
  • A Barrier Paper is usually used to close and finish the back of the Passepartout. The Barriers, available separately, have the same formats of the Passepartout even when personalized.