Italian Handmade Albums by Artphoto Evaluna are available in two different contemporary design solutions: Fine Art Book (photobooks printed in Fine Art) and Traditional Book (albums for the mounting of single prints).

Each with its own unmistakable charm, but both come in a wide range of sizes and are designed with the high-quality standards that define real “Made in Italy”.

So alike...

Perfect flat opening (180°)

The album is characterized by the perfectly flat opening, ideal for easy viewing of photos and extremely comfortable to browse it.

True distinctive element of modern Albums.

Thin creasing

A discreet and subtle crease, a distinctive feature of our Albums. Essential feature to minimize the impact on printing in Fine Art Books, with the guarantee the printed image won’t crack when folded.

Mission accomplished!

Pages with a core

The right grammage of the papers used, combined with a slim core between the pages, for a result with a sober and refined design.

The challenge was to get the maximum support with the minimum thickness. different!
Fine Art Book, inside details


The peculiarity of the Fine Art Book is contained in its pages that are printed with the best technology for Fine Art Printing with the possibility to choose between 2 precious surfaces of our Nude & Charcoal collection.

The quality of printing is guaranteed by the experience of our laboratory staff and by Epson HDR printers and inks, constantly renewed and implemented.

The characteristics of the Fine Art Book fully combine the minimal elegance in which our thinking and contemporary design trends are reflected.

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    Cellulose Fiber Paper, 230 gr. - Optical White

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    100% Cotton Paper, 210 gr. - Natural White


The pages of the Traditional Book are made with 100% Cotton Fiber and are distinguished not only by the extreme softness of the surface but also by the original pastel shades.

In fact, seen or touched, these Materica Papers perfectly transmit the sensory perceptions of the natural elements they were inspired from. A workmanship so refined to match the rough spontaneity of Nature.

A perfect support to give substance, essence and stability to your Traditional Book.

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    Materica Gesso - 100% Cotton Paper, 180gr.

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    Materica Clay - 100% Cotton Paper, 180gr.

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    Materica Pitch - 100% Cotton Paper, 180gr.

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    Materica Ardesia - 100% Cotton Paper, 180gr.