The newest range by Artphoto Evaluna is the Guest Book, designed to collect snapshots or Polaroids taken on your special day and combined with your guests’ thoughts: snapshots from the Photo Booth or snap cameras, dedications, advice on how to face life together, anecdotes that bind you, funny words or tear-jerkers.

All this represents the perfect synthesis of the shared joy experienced on that day, and will remain with you in this book to preserve such a wonderful memory.

“…because the BEST part about pictures is that even when the people in the photo change, the memory it contains never will”

Personalised Guest Book

The Guest Book is an example of what happens when we give complete freedom to our creative team. It is made up of an inner block of textured paper, and a spine wrapped in shaped canvas with a special design. A bold book jacket, also in canvas, has been added to give the sides the characteristic design of the Guest Book, finished off with a resin coating. The Guest Book is then enclosed in a wrapping of textured paper with the same design as the book itself.

Highly praised for its versatility and original design, it is perfect for very many occasions, and essential for all those times you want to leave an instant trace of the emotions felt at a particular point in life.

This makes it ideal for weddings, but it is also in demand for a wide range of events (birthdays, anniversaries, exhibits, etc.)

Choose Your Style

The Guest Book is available in 2 sizes: panoramic (35×25 cm / 13,8×9,8 in) or square (30×30 cm / 11,8×11,8 in).

It comes with 20 pages in the colour of textured paper of your choice, with 6 colours available in our catalogue.

Whereas, for the coating you can choose from all 19 canvas colours available: create a coordinated album set with your future wedding album, or opt for something alternative and fun, from pastel colours, earthy tones, through to flashy and eccentric canvases.

  • Sizes: 2 (cm) 30×30 – 35×25 (in) 11,8×11,8 – 13,8×9,8
  • Cover Colors: 19
  • Pages: 20
  • Paper: 6 different colors