As alike as they are different

Two solutions, both with a contemporary design: Fine Art Book and Traditional Book, as alike from the covers as they are different inside!

Each has its own charm, but both come in a wide range of sizes and are designed with the high-quality standards that define real Made in Italy.

Fine Art Book

Fine Art Book’s distinguishing features are its pages, which are printed with the best Fine Art Technology, and the possibility of choosing between 3 different high-valued papers from our Nude & Charcoal Collection.

Print Quality is ensured by our Laboratory Team’s experience plus Epson’s printers and inks, which are constantly renewed and updated.

The inner block’s characteristics entirely embrace the minimalist elegance that reflect contemporary design trends and in which we draw our inspiration.

A 180° opening

The Fine Art Book block is perfectly characterized for the plain opening, ideal for an easy vision of the photos, extremely comfortable to leaf through.

A real distinctive feature of modern Albums.

Discrete binding

A discrete and thin binding that has a minimum impact on the prints, with the guarantee the printed image won’t crack when folded.

Mission accomplished!


Pages with a soul

The perfect Fine Art Papers’ grammage and a thin soul in-between the pages, offering a sober and refined design.

The goal was to obtain a maximum support with a minimum thickness.

Traditional Book

The Traditional Album’s pages are made with Materica Papers. Each page can be covered with photographs with a maximum grammage of 255g.

If you choose a Traditional Album, the Materica Papers we propose ensure excellent features: created from 100% Cotton fibers, their surface is extremely soft and they come in original pastel colors.

Seen or touched, these Materica Papers perfectly transmit the sensory perceptions of the natural elements they were inspired from. A refined work that competes with the rough spontaneity of Nature.

A perfect support that gives your Traditional Album substance, concreteness and stability.

A 180° Opening

The inner block of the Traditional Book has perfect characteristics for a plain opening, ideal for mounting prints and extremely comfortable to leaf through.

A real distinctive feature of modern Albums.

Discrete binding

Also in the block of the Traditional Book, we have succeeded in preserving our characteristic of reference: a thin binding that is then an element of recognition of all of our Albums.

Pages with a soul

After testing various weight of Materica paper, we have found the perfect one for the Traditional Book pages as well.

Our goal has been to get the maximum support with the least thickness.