Luxury Wedding Experience, objects with a refined and exclusive design.

Different lines that represent the maximum expression of Artphoto Evaluna products’ elegance and uniqueness: the Wabi Sabi, in Canvas or Linen, and the brand new Essenza Album, Essenza Leaf and Floema.

Wabi Sabi

Earth, Water, Fire, Air collide in an ancient magical alchemy.

Drawing inspiration from Nature, we follow the path she cleared for us: soft, natural shapes slightly highlighted for this Wedding Album, which is rich in tactile emotions and philosophical involvements.

This is a Luxury Wedding Experience with an exclusive design enriched by the Matt, Duo and Bright Canvas or the Linens, which are used to coat both the outside of the folder and the cover of the inner block.

Creating a “double for its soul” by playing on a two-tone combination.

The added ceramic element fits perfectly with the materials used, and naturally belongs to a high-quality product like the the Wabi Sabi. It can be either made with the noble candor of Maiolica or using the ancient japanese technique of Raku Pottery.

An astonishing result of creativeness which by its very nature is unique and one of a kind, as we would want this album to be: personal, exclusive, emotional.

A decoration, almost a jewel, of the earth, talent and passion.

Earth, talent and passion that take shape through the delicate and natural forms of a slender bamboo stick, Take, or of a soft snail, Maka.

Choose Your Style

The Wabi Sabi Albums come in two versions: Fine Art Book – with 3 different printing papers – and Traditional Book – with 5 different Materica papers’ colors – to chose like a window through which you can show your photographs.

Make your choice between 3 sizes: two square formats (30×30 and 35×35), and the landscape format 40×30.

The Wabi-Sabi’s packaging is the Light Box Wabi-Sabi, a very simple and essential polypropylene box, which is intended to be so in order to simply underline the album’s magnificence. The Wabi-Sabi was clearly created as a design object, it deserves its own space within the home to become a true item of furnishing.

Covers Colors
Printing Papers
Wood Collection

It seems like, though respecting the specific and intrinsic laws, the wood has its own strength, that it is capable of suffering and rejoicing, to hold and to give, to be and to aspire.

At the beginning of the Wood Project there’s the willing to see in every inch of its grain, in every piece and splinter, a new and thrilling life.

The mankind and the wood element seem to have the same destiny: they’re both capable to imagine and give expression to their dreams, both can convey, externalize, disclose feelings and emotions.

This is why it feels so natural to charge the Wood as keeper and protector of your feelings through time.


Essenza is not just an idea, but a vision that slowly become a project and then has come true at last.

Our biggest ambition? Finding a “home” to the materials we have always used (Fine Art Paper, Fabrics…), making them their place in the world so that they can express themselves fully and give back something that would be worth coating your emotions.

This way, even the most beautiful memories have found their peaceful haven. The ideal has become reality.

Research and experimentation arise from the combination of design and wood, from the association of modernity and tradition.

The material is almost as ancient as the world, but the form expresses its full contemporaneity capable to fit naturally in the modern man’s life and home.

Both Essenza Album and Essenza Leaf have found their own perfect spot within this wooden box, the best protection to maintain their quality-characteristics through time.

Essenza Album

In this collection, the essential nature of the wood reveals a precious Album, Fine Art printed as our whole production, minimal but rich in the researching of materials, color coordination and finishes.

The Essenza Albums’ Covers are coated with Canvas or Linen and embellished with Laser incision to highlight its ancestral and texturized dimension. Linen and Canvas, engraved with text or graphics, give back the aesthetic character and the vitality of the contemporary design and efficiently talk about the present we’re telling about.

Essenza Leaf

We collect memories as leaves, we celebrate the nature that transforms colors and shapes, substances and fragrances, presences and absences.

The Essenza Leaf Collection brings us back to the simplicity of the gestures, to the moments of life that fly as leaves carried on the wind, to the living matter that becomes the testimony of life.

The Leaf is a Fine Art Printing project designed exclusively for the Essenza Leaf Collection.

Covers Colors
Printing Papers

Floema means phloem, the innermost part of a tree’s trunk, the living tissue that transports the strenght and nourishment, through which flows the vital substances, as lifeblood.

In italian, floema is also called libro, which means book. Through the Floema collection, the fibrous material of the wood becomes a book itself, creating a continuous botanic loop of experiences and bonds.

By the very nature of the materials used for its rigorous design, Floema is the perfect choice for those who love a meaningful modernity, where the form is also and above all substance.

Here is where Floema Collection comes from… Telling us the story of an Album made of wood and canvas, with soft convolutions and rounded edges…

…and of its box, who belongs to this Album because of its design and its substance.

The Albums of Floema Collection are embellished with a Laser Incision and find their place in precious Canvas-coated boxes.

The surface texture of the box recalls the one used for the spine of the Album, and the closing is underlined with a walnut insert, same material used for the book’s cover.

Colors Covers
Printing Papers