Pregnancy is sacred: the Pregnancy Photo Album has the important task of preserving the amazing miracle of life right from the start. Nine months where everything changes, the laws of physics break and two people become one.

The beauty of an expectant mum is unmatched: her body changes and her face illuminates while waiting to become a mother forever.

Whether you’re choosing to create a Pregnancy Journal Photobook where you can collect the key photos of the journey that leads to the most beautiful of encounters, or using a professional for a maternity photo session… what matters is making sure that these images can last over time. Making a pregnancy album that documents and tells this story will ensure that the emotions associated with this time will turn into an object that lasts for years, that makes you feel the emotions of those moments whenever you leaf through it.

Choose Your Pregnancy Photo Album
focus pregnancy photo album

Artphoto Evaluna has a special collection of albums dedicated to this event: products that serve as discrete custodians of extraordinary emotions and beautiful feelings. Our Pregnancy Photo Albums are made by our craftsmen with great care, love and special respect. Added to this is the quality of the materials chosen to create the album: faux leather and fabrics in soft and evocative colours are available with high-quality fine art paper that enhances the images for an extraordinary result.

For your Pregnancy Photo Album, we have chosen the Tipo and Tipo Color models.

Models with simple, elegant covers where the coating is embellished by text or a cliché engraved with heat and pressure using the ancient technique of debossing.

Tipo Pregnancy
Tipo Color Pregnancy
  • Sizes: 4 (cm) 25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in) 9,8×9,8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: canvas, faux leather
  • Cover: text engraving in the centre with the ancient debossing technique
  • Sizes: 4 (cm) 25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in) 9,8×9,8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: canvas, faux leather, ecru linen
  • Cover: text engraving in the centre with an ancient debossing technique, then enriched by the addition of coloured foil