A Kids Photo Album may be the product that encloses our most precious memories of all, those of our children: the birth, the first few days, the first smiles, the first year of life, the first steps… time passes quickly, and everything happens so fast, the risk is that memories will not be deeply imprinted in our minds and that, over the years, only vague and nostalgic memories will remain.

The images that portray the growth of a child instead deserve to be preserved in a book, for them to form a history for the adult of tomorrow.

A Photo Book meant to last for years, which therefore requires great quality both in the prints and other features. For this reason, Artphoto Evaluna has created a line dedicated to Kids Photo Books: excellent materials, the highest-quality prints and the passion and love with which our craftsmen create these products are our guarantee for the best preservation of your most cherished memories.

“You are precious in every way, the sunshine in my day;

the joy in my soul and the love of my life.”

Perfect Photo Album for Kids' Events
focus kids photo album

So many moments to remember and a wide range of models to choose from for your Kids Photo Album, with a large choice of colours and materials.

  • Newborn: the album that tells the story of the first days of your baby’s life. Unique images that stop time in the moments when your bond begins to form: the first caresses, the eyes that rest on that bundle of joy, wrapped-up in an overwhelming love. Artphoto Evaluna transforms all this into a valuable book that will protect those memories over time, and make you feel those same emotions every time you look at it.
  • Birthday: every birthday is an important milestone in a person’s life, and deserves to be celebrated to the fullest. Our Kids Photo Album collection is perfect for framing the photos of this day and making it even more special.
  • Ceremonies: our Kids Photo Albums are also perfect for collecting the memories of ceremonies. Baptism, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Communion, Confirmation… the ideal gift!
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Choose Your Kids Photo Album

Four album models, 3 types of select fine art papers and 3 sizes for printing your book, in addition to a large variety of colours and materials to choose from: all this allows you to customise your Kids Photo Album down to the last detail and have a tailor-made book for the occasion your album is dedicated to.

Idea Kids
Tipo Kids
  • Sizes: 4 (cm) 25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in) 9,8×9,8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: canvas
  • Cover: printed and laminated with canvas spine
  • Sizes: 4 (cm) 25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in) 9,8×9,8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: canvas, faux leather
  • Cover: text engraving in the centre with the ancient debossing technique
Tipo Color Kids
  • Sizes: 4 (cm) 25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in) 9,8×9,8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: canvas, faux leather, ecru linen
  • Cover: text engraving in the centre with an ancient debossing technique, then enriched by the addition of coloured foil