Artphoto Evaluna’s Portrait Photo Book are made entirely by hand by our craftsmen, who work to ensure that every event is made into a book that can arouse tremendous emotion.

Personalized Photo Book for Your Events

Thanks only to the work carried out by expert hands, following the traditional craftsmanship of our land, your Photo Book will come to life through the meticulous selection of high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes that take place entirely within Artphoto Evaluna. This gives you the opportunity to customise your photo book according to your needs, tastes and style, to achieve a unique result.

Our aim is to offer something more than just a beautiful album; we like to think that with a customised Photo Book, every time you look through it you’ll be able to relive the feelings of a moment in life which you chose to include in an Artphoto Evaluna product.

inside photo book
Printing Features

Choosing to print a photo book means preserving our memories and the most significant moments of our lives.

Artphoto Evaluna provides you with a wide range of Italian-made products, ensuring quality and durability: thanks to our innovative Epson printers with HDR ink, our prints are guaranteed for 200 years (colour prints) and 400 years (for black & white prints). The prints have unprecedented definition, perfected by an optimised contrast with brilliant and extremely accurate colours.

To achieve higher quality, we also carefully selected the best Fine Art Paper and are currently able to offer excellent papers (Mixed Cellulose and 100% Cotton), each with unique features to exalt the special quality of Fine Art Printing.

The packaging reflects the technical and professional nature of the product: Light Box Zero.2 in transparent pet-gag or Light Box Slick in polypropylene with a frost or milk-toned finish make these the perfect practical and lightweight containers for your book.

  • The 230g Matte Photo Paper has a special coating to ensure bright colours and correct reproduction, even in the details of darker areas. Real photo paper made of cellulose fibre with a matte finish and soft surface, along with an optical white shade obtained through the use of optical brighteners.
  • The 255g Pearl Deluxe Paper has exceptional stability over time and an extremely large reproducible colour range. This surface enables considerably higher quality prints, and is very similar from traditional photographic paper thanks to its satin finish.
  • The Art Print Natural White Paper is 100% Cotton, Acid Free, with a slightly textured surface and natural white shade thanks to the lack of bleaching agents; this is why it is considered the best museum-quality solution.
photo book focus
Choose Your Style

If a special moment in our lives deserves to be remembered, it is worth doing it in the best way possible. Precisely for this reason, Artphoto Evaluna offers a range of photo books, all designed specifically for this purpose. Our products are handcrafted with constant attention to quality and design and are available in various formats.

Cover Colors

The Photo Book has printed and laminated covers and a canvas spine with the colour of your choice from the 19 available, providing you with a product that is both refined and lively.

  • Sizes: 4 (cm) 25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in) 9,8×9,8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: canvas
  • Cover: printed and laminated with canvas spine

This Photo Book is characterised by simple and elegant lines and can be made with faux leather or canvas. Text and clichés are engraved at the centre of the cover with movable types. The engraving is made using the heat and pressure exerted by the matrix onto the surface.

  • Sizes: 4 (cm) 25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in) 9,8×9,8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: canvas, faux leather
  • Cover: text engraving in the centre with the ancient debossing technique
Tipo Color

It can be made in all available materials: faux leather, canvas or linen, and differs from the Tipo model thanks to the text engraving with a coloured foil that adds an even more surprising and creative effect.

  • Sizes: 4 (cm) 25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in) 9.8×9.8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: canvas, faux leather, ecru linen
  • Cover: text engraving in the centre with an ancient debossing technique, then enriched by the addition of coloured foil

Available in faux leather or linen, the cover of this album features a photo set in the centre.

  • Sizes: 4 (cm )25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in) 9,8×9,8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: faux leather, ecru linen
  • Cover: photo embedded in the centre

Available in faux leather or canvas and embellished by a resin application that coats a small image or customisable graphics. Refined, elegant and charming: all these aspects come together in a product that is the fruit of our inventive creative team.

  • Sizes: 4 (cm) 25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in)- 9,8×9,8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: canvas, faux leather
  • Cover: embellished with a resin application that coats a small image or customisable graphics