Our Mini Photo Album are small books with accordion openings, made with canvas and Fine Art printing.

Perfect for every type of event, they are meant to be kept within hand’s reach: practical, lightweight and colourful, they are a great gift idea for anyone who wants to surprise and amaze with an original and creative thought.

Use them as small gifts at a wedding, give them to someone you love, make them to keep the photos of your newborn baby, or treat yourself to one for your personal photo shoot!

Mini Photo Album

Like all Artphoto Evaluna products, our Mini Photo Album are made entirely by hand with the utmost attention to detail and quality for which we stand out. The whole process takes place within the company and is the fruit of our craftsmen’s professional skills: a miniature work of art with great quality results.

They hold eight photos, so you can choose those few that you always want to have with you, the ones you want to look at more often: all you have to do is put them into our template and wait to receive this small but precious object.

wonderful mini photo album artphoto evaluna
Choose Your Style

The Mini Photo Album can be purchased in packs of 4 in the size 7×7 cm / 2,8×2,8 in or in packs of 3 in the size 10×10 cm / 3,9×3,9 in.

There are 2 Fine Art Papers available to choose from: Photo Matte, with a matte finish, and Pearl Deluxe with a satin finish similar to traditional photographic prints.

The external part is coated with canvas. Are you looking for a product full of panache, or a more delicate one? Soft or eclectic? Understated or flamboyant? It doesn’t matter! Choose what best suits your taste… and leave the rest to us!

Our craftsmen know how to create imaginative combinations using colourful details that further embellish each product.

For the packaging, we have opted for a pet-gag transparent solution that best preserves the product, without hiding the features that distinguish it: colour, originality and meticulousness.

Size is not important: Artphoto Evaluna can create great things for you!

Cover colors