Italian Photo Album

What is behind the Italian Photo Albums by Artphoto Evaluna? They are born out of a way of life, work, observation, emulation, culture, history, art and magic.

The history of Italian Design is known worldwide; it has characterised entire historical ages of industry and trade and is still live and kicking: we are influenced and inspired by it on a daily basis.

Each city, town or village, big or small, is the mirror of a constantly changing Italy, an Italy full of history, tradition, beauty, stone and colour.

Made In Italy

Our squares, our bell towers and landscapes rich in history and culture tell us the story of an extraordinarily unique country. In the midst of all these differences, Italian inventiveness has found fertile ground, giving rise to great craftsmen’s traditions that have been able to look to the horizons of new technologies and innovation without neglecting the richness of quality and materials.

An Italian Photo Album requires the best technology, but also the most select raw materials, without which no creative path can succeed. For us, Made in Italy starts here: from the careful – almost obsessive – selection of the best paper for printing, the best ink, the best materials for the covers… the ones that excite you by merely touching them, that evoke memories by looking at them, that make you envisage the finished product, that give you the urge to try new, more fascinating solutions, that make you finish one project and, straight after, take it apart, as you are almost certain that a slight change would make it even better.

A detail, just a single, small, insignificant detail can completely change the perception of an object, it can leave you indifferent or stimulate you, the right finish in the right place can create the emotions we are trying to evoke.

When we create our Italian Photo Albums, this is what we look for: for us, all of this is the Italian craftsmanship we see around us all the time, something we seek to preserve and pass on.

handmade italian photo album artphoto evaluna
From The Heart Of Italy

We live and work from the Heart of Italy, where our roots and inspiration lie. This is where Artphoto Evaluna creates its Italian Photo Albums, where we select the craftsmen to be part of our team, where we look for raw materials, where our ideas are born, and where we cultivate the most authentic passion for our work.

Umbria is a heart throbbing with history, landscapes, nature, culture, silence and peace.

We couldn’t do without our rolling green hills, and every day we admire their amazing turns and bends, sometimes with small villages of rare beauty sprouting out among them, rich in tradition and history: thousands of years of history that still amaze us, that we would never take for granted, but that are so much part of us that sometimes we have a hard time recognising it.

When you receive our Italian Photo Album, remember it comes from a wild, welcoming land full of humanity, where art and culture can be felt in every corner, as part of our own memories.


Travelling through Italy is like walking into the past, it’s sinking your steps into a land soaked in tradition and innovation, art and technology, classicism and design.

Focus handmade italian photo album

All this is the fruit of the work of many small and medium-sized enterprises – known more for their products than their names – that use cutting-edge technologies and are committed, day in day out, to creating products par excellence both when using new materials and seeking out a contemporary aesthetic language.

This diverse scenario of arts and crafts is the most authentic motivation that paved the way for the Italian Photo Albums by Artphoto Evaluna, contemporary ideas and solutions together with the creative thought so embedded in the great Italian tradition of craftsmanship.

Creating a product from raw materials is always a journey into one’s own cultural past, it means making choices on a daily basis, whose inspirations are deeply rooted in one’s own historical and artistic tradition.

Creating a true Italian Photo Album is much more than the work of an artisan, it means synthesising an era, stopping a moment in history, and conveying the most authentic expression of modernity and history.