Wabi Sabi is a Luxury Wedding Albums conceived as an object of refined and exclusive design. Wabi is identified by the rustic simplicity and freshness of its natural materials: canvas or linen give this product a subtil elegance. Sabi stands for the beauty and serenity specific to the passage of time; likewise, your Luxury Wedding Album will share the best years of your lives with you.

This solution is a must for those seeking a totally unique object, much more than an album, but a real allegory of the wedding.

Luxury Wedding Albums

The Wabi Sabi album is undoubtedly the most authentic expression of craftsmanship, which only Artphoto Evaluna’s Italian production can offer.

Only the most experienced craftsmen of Artphoto Evaluna work to create these Luxury Wedding Albums and the folders that hold them. A complex job that requires great attention, careful procedures and accuracy in every detail in order to obtain an extraordinary result that is enhanced by the two-toned contrasting materials and artisanal Italian-made ceramics.

luxury wedding album Artphoto Evaluna
Choose Your Style
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There are 3 sizes available: two square sizes (30×30 and 35×35 cm / 11,8×11,8 and 13,8×13,8 in) and a panoramic option (40 × 30 cm / 15,7×11,8 in).

The Wabi-Sabi Album is presented with the Light Box Wabi-Sabi, very simple and essential polypropylene packaging, which is intended to be basic so as not to steal the show from the album itself. After all, the Wabi-Sabi is essentially a design object and deserves its own space within the home to become a true item of furnishing.

Cover Colors
Wabi Sabi Ecru Linen

This Wabi-Sabi version is underlined by the two-nuances matching of a 100% natural material: the linen. For a perfect combination, we advice you to customize your product with a light-coloured linen and to choose a darker hue for the inside-part of the folder that protects the album. The ceramic piece used to fasten the Wabi-Sabi is Raku finished.

  • Size: 3 (cm) 30×30 – 35×35 – 40×30
    (in) 11,8×11,8 – 13,8×13,8 – 15,7×11,8
  • Material: ecru linen
Wabi Sabi Canvas

Wabi-Sabi in canvas is the most versatile version of this wonderful Luxury Wedding Album. There are plenty of options to combine the the large range of canvas available, giving you a free rein to choose a simple or jazzy combination of colours. The result is a product that is both fresh and elegant.

  • Size: 3 (cm) 30×30 – 35×35 – 40×30
    (in) 11,8×11,8 – 13,8×13,8 – 15,7×11,8
  • Materials: canvas