Artphoto Evaluna’s Albums are designed and created in Umbria, following our region’s artisan traditions, with men and women rendering their value more precious every day, creating incredibly unique products from selected raw materials.

Our Handmade Wedding Albums come in two different solutions with a contemporary design, a choice designed to capture the very best of modernity.

Professional Wedding Albums and Luxury Wedding Experience: each with its own distinctive feel, but both united by a careful choice of materials and finishes in order to follow the high-quality standards of a truly Italian-made product.

Along with your Album, you can order also the Parents’ Book as a gift to your families: the printing, materials and finishes are identical to the main album, we don’t compromise on quality!

Wedding Album Covers

Whatever is the path followed by your soul, you will find the perfect inspiration! Highest quality materials and finishes, chosen to caress the senses and the heart, are the result of a careful selection personally effected by our creative team.


According to our company’s principles of environmental sustainability, we do not use any animal skins or derivatives to create our Albums.

The Ecoleather we propose are characterized by their extremely soft surfaces which confer a pleasant sensation to the touch and an innovative look, both with the Fine Art Book as with the Traditional Book.

All our Ecoleathers have thermo reactivates properties and are also suitable for all usual photographic sector’s processing: hot stamping with dry or foil debossing. Entirely produced in Italy, solvent-free, biodegradable, they are available in different colors with Silk or Land finishes. All these materials, already widely used in furnishing and fashion industries, are of course certified and comply with the strictest European standards regarding the production cycle and chemical materials used.


Our range of Canvas is composed of a large choice of weaves and colors, perfect for mono- or bichromatic results which look refined and minimalist, exotic and vibrant.

Through a Cover in canvas, we describe nature and its wonderfulness, we taste the intense cycle of day and night, with the most unexpected shades of colors from a rising sun or a sunset’s warm atmosphere.

Take all your time to chose between the Matt Canvas’ pastel tones, the vibrating Duo Canvas’ weaves, the Linens’ naturalness or the twinkling Bright Canvas’ surfaces. The versatility of these products makes them perfect for any kind of textile embellishment and for the creation of our most exclusive Packagings, entirely handmade-coated.


Floema’s covers take their distinctive features from the hazelnut wood they are made of.

In addition to being treated to ensure a good thermal insulation and a maximum resistance to humidity, these wooden Covers come with a european eco-sustainability Certification. They distinguish themselves from their shapes: a rounded-edges design and a larger thickness that conter a unique distinctive esthetic!

Match the color of the Canvas that will be applied on one edge of the cover and discover all the infinite potential of this combination.

The embellishment will be done with the Laser technique, which offers amazing results on the wood: names, drawings, logos and a lot more will bring an original touch to an extremely refined design.