Handmade Wedding Albums by Artphoto Evaluna, because “after all, the world exists so it can end up in a good book”.  In a second, the world stops, dissolves and recreates itself, in a matter of minutes two people cease to be what they were, and prepare to be something new, … forever. All this is contained within a wedding album: emotions, fears, the most desired joys and the most intimate hopes. Choosing a high-quality Wedding Album is necessary, useful and important – treat yourself to a little poetic world of your own.

When you leaf through your Handmade Wedding Albums by Artphoto Evaluna, you’ll be brought right back to your wedding day, celebrating your new life, and you’ll get goosebumps as time seems to stand still.

Handmade Wedding Albums by Artphoto Evaluna, an unforgettable experience, just like your wedding!

“A perfect wedding with our Wedding Collections”

Handmade Wedding Albums

Artphoto Evaluna’s Albums are designed and created in Umbria, following our region’s artisan traditions, with men and women rendering their value more precious every day, creating incredibly unique products from select raw materials.

Handmade wedding album focus ceramic

Our Handmade Wedding Albums come in two different solutions with a contemporary design, a choice designed to capture the very best of modernity.

Professional Wedding Albums and Luxury Wedding Albums: each with its own distinctive feel, but both united by a careful choice of materials and finishes and the high-quality standards of a truly Italian-made product.

You can order the Parent’s Book as a gift to your families along with your Album: the printing, materials and finishes are identical to the main album, with no compromise on quality!

The Guest Book completes the Wedding offer and is available either in a set with the main album or individually, in a wide range of colours with matching accessories and packaging.

handmade wedding album one box Artphoto Evaluna
Printing Features
Handmade Wedding Albums Photo Book

If you have decided to create a Wedding Photo Book, it is because you want to preserve the images of the memories and moments you hold most dear. Choosing an Artphoto Evaluna product means choosing long-lasting quality. Thanks to Fine Art Prints and innovative Epson HDR ink printers, we can guarantee our prints will last for 200 years (colour prints) and 400 years (black and white) with extraordinary image rendering and extremely accurate colours, optimised contrast and definition like you’ve never seen before.

But for us, that’s not enough. We have carefully selected the best Paper, and today we can provide a range of excellent quality media (Mixed Cellulose and 100% Cotton), each with its own characteristics and peculiarities, but all able to exalt the specific traits of Fine Art printing.

  • The Matte Photo Paper (230 g), in cellulose fibre mixed with cotton, has a matte finish with an optical white hue that enhances the vividness of the colours and reproduces even the deepest blacks. Its particular velvety surface is also pleasing to the touch and able to evoke delightful feelings.
  • The Pearl Deluxe Paper (225 g) has a satin surface capable of reproducing a wide spectrum of colours. It is an ideal surface for those seeking a look similar to traditional photographs, but with much higher quality.
  • The Art Print Natural White Paper (215 g ou 310 g) is made from 100% cotton fibre, and is Acid Free with a slightly structured texture and natural white surface: it is the perfect choice to ensure maximum print quality.
handmade wedding album focus paper
Wedding Album Covers

Whatever your style, it’s easy to find the album that best suits your tastes.

Our Handmade Wedding Albums are available in a wide range of Wedding Album Covers made of fine materials thanks to a careful selection process personally performed by our creative team.



The collection of materials for the Wedding Album Covers starts with our large selection of faux leather, 100% Italian-made polyurethane, heat-burnishing, printable, solvent-free and biodegradable – available in an incredible range of colours and finishes, from the most classic through to the brightest, most unusual and fashionable. Our materials are also available in stock to ensure a prompt and efficient service.

Materials that are already widely used in furnishing and fashion are also suitable for all usual processing in the photography industry: hot stamping with dry or foil debossing.

All this ensures a pleasing touch and innovative look. All the materials are of course certified and comply with the strictest European standards regarding the production cycle and chemical materials used. In respect of our company’s principles of environmental sustainability, we do not use any animal skins or derivatives to create our Albums.

  • 100% made in Italy
  • biodegradable
  • solvent-free
handmade wedding albums cover leather debossing


There are so many choices of Wedding Album Covers available in Canvas or Linen – it just keeps growing.

Our Canvas range has a wide selection of colours, with the addition of the highly requested Linens with an unmistakable feel. They are so versatile that they can be used in any type of processing, lending themselves to any type of finish. They are ideal for creating all “Luxury” Packaging, with albums covered entirely by hand. Its range of uses never ceases to surprise us, along with its endless pairing options and eye-catching design that have made it a total success.

  • 100% made in Italy
handmade wedding album canvas cover debossing
Wedding Albums Packaging
handmade wedding album packaging

Our Wedding Packaging choices are all designed, created and manufactured by our team: designers, creative artists and technicians work tirelessly to create original packaging adapted to envelop and conserve your Handmade Wedding Albums in the best possible way.

From versatile and lightweight polypropylene for a more hi-tech box, to entirely handmade fine containers coated with your chosen materials for your Handmade Wedding Album covers, through to small chests made from a single block of solid wood. So many different products that share one common denominator: Artphoto Evaluna quality and design.