Creating a Boudoir Photo Album means fixing the scent of your skin and emotions without inhibition, with the ease and happiness of self-discovery.

Romance, intimacy, eroticism: a Boudoir Photo Book represents the woman in her most personal and hidden uniqueness, uncovering in addition to her forms the whispers of a soul.

A Boudoir Photo Book is for the self, for self-knowing, for self-finding, but also for a person who loves herself, for someone fate gave us the chance to meet. It can be for the special person that shares your life, for someones that has to go away and wants to take you with.

It is important for a woman to feel attractive, desired, for herself as for his or her partner, looking for her own feminity through the creation of a refined, intimate and special Boudoir Photo Book.


“Sensuality is the permanent possibility to deliver the world from its insignificance’s prison.”

Senso holds the secrets of the ancient Debossing technique.

Small brass blocks incised with letter shapes are manually aligned to compose a name. As it used to be for the printing press with movable types, the text is composed upside down and reversed. The heat and pressure exerted by the matrix take care of the rest.

The imprint is made at the center of the cover without the use of ink, which is why it is called Dry Debossing.

This embellishment is used to obtain a sober and elegant result.

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Senso Color

“In the deepness of this mark on a naked skin, there you are, meeting the soul… what color is it?”

With Senso Color, the Debossing is not Dry but includes a color transfer on the letters within the hot pressure. The pigment is applied as a leaf that, like a colored wax, melts only with a really hot temperature.

This process is called Foil Debossing.

The perfect choice if your looking for an elegant and underlined result.

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