Romance, intimacy, eroticism. The ArtPhoto Evaluna Boudoir Photo Book represents the woman in her most personal and hidden uniqueness, offering the best of our technology and craftsmanship, because in addition to form, they uncover the whispers of a soul. A Boudoir Photo Book is personal: it stages your body, overpasses the boundaries of prudishness, both magnificent and disruptive… it captures the charm of an exposed body. A self-gift idea, a present for the one you share your life with, for someone you care about, as simple as it: go and do it!

Creating a Boudoir Photo Album means fixing the scent of your skin and emotions without inhibition, with the ease and happiness of self-discovery.

Perfect Glamour Album

An explicit, but never vulgar, approach to nudity and sexuality. An art mastered by the Boudoir Photographers thanks to their sensitivity to capturing the vivid – and often hidden – romantic and sensual attitudes that many women feel the need to rediscover and reassert.

It is important for a woman to find herself attractive and desirable, both for herself and her partner, and she can find her femininity by creating a refined, intimate and special Boudoir Photo Book.

Artphoto Evaluna’s Boudoir collection has been enriched by clichés dedicated to this type of photography to create delicate covers that are poignant, romantic and flirty, offering the very best to all women who have decided to go on a beautiful journey of self-discovery, in search of their inner essence.

inside boudoir photo book
Choose Your Boudoir Photo Book

3 types of select fine art papers and 3 sizes for printing your Boudoir Photo Book in addition to a large variety of colours and materials to choose from: all this allows you to customise your book down to the last detail and make it perfect for its purpose.

Models with simple, elegant covers where the coating is embellished by text or a cliché engraved with heat and pressure using the ancient technique of debossing.

Senso Color
  • Sizes: 4 (cm) 25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in) 9,8×9,8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: canvas, faux leather
  • Cover: text engraving in the centre with the ancient debossing technique
  • Sizes: 4 (cm) 25×25 – 20×30 – 30×20 – 30×30
    (in) 9,8×9,8 – 7,9×11,8 – 11,8×7,9 – 11,8×11,8
  • Materials: canvas, faux leather, ecru linen
  • Cover: text engraving in the centre with an ancient debossing technique, then enriched by the addition of coloured foil